Stair Race 3D

Stair Race 3D

Stair Race 3D

In the arcade game Stair Race 3D, the race to the top of the stairs will be severe! 

It's time to put your bravery and speed to the test as you dash as quickly as you can across the arena to the podium, but watch out! Be careful not to trip and fall down the stair. In actuality, you'll have to battle against rivals in large arenas with the objective of building a staircase out of solely wood that matches in color. Of course, while still doing the same, each player will need to utilize a different hue. 


Use the arrow keys or the left mouse button to drag the character in any direction.

Tips for the 3D Stair Race

Your enemies will lose all of their planks if you can eliminate them. But be careful—they'll attack you without hesitation in Stair Race 3D too!    

It will be necessary to be quick but also cunning in order to beat the other players and get to the level's finish first.

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