Tennis Legends 2016

Tennis Legends 2016

Tennis Legends 2016

In the game Tennis Legends 2016, you can dominate your opponents by becoming a tennis superstar and showcasing all of your skills. 

With tennis shoes on your feet and a racket in your hand, you will face tremendous hurdles if you want to win the event. With this game, you'll be able to play with many more tennis players who are just as well-known as these three. Select your favorite player and sign up for an amazing event to compete against the world's greatest opponents. Try to win the tennis tournament to get number one in the ranking. To make things a little bit easier, take advantage of special objects like freezing rays and balls in games. 


  • Player 1: Move and jump with WAD, hit with B, and smash with V.
  • Player 2: Move and jump with the Arrow keys, hit with L, and smash with K.

You can play intense games in multiplayer against your friends on the same computer for even more fun. 

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