Trap The Cat

Trap The Cat

Trap The Cat

Trap The Cat is a creative puzzle game in which all you have to do is click on circle boxes to trap the black cat in a cage.  

The game's UI is simple at first, with a board made up of several green circle boxes that resemble a bee hive with a black cat within. It's fairly apparent what your task is: stop the cat from jumping off the board. Trap The Cat game ends when the cat gets out of the cage. The gameplay is straightforward, but you'll need to know a few strategies and tactics to prevail. 

How to play Trap The Cat


To fill the squares, click on them. 

Tips to win Trap The Cat

Selecting appropriate boxes requires first accurately predicting the direction of the cat's movement. You will soon run out of time if you click on the random boxes.

Second, a common misconception is that you can finish the game faster by selecting the box that is nearest to you to mark, which will lock the cat right away. That's accurate, however, you quit the game quickly when you lose rather than win. This isn't a very good tip. It will enable the cat to swiftly escape your cage.

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